Alscot Quince Gin

Alscot Quince Gin

Our third Tudor-inspired gin was made using the fruits of a quince tree found on the beautiful 4,000-acre Alscot country estate in Alderminster, where our distillery is based. Alscot Quince Gin is the perfect tipple to raise a toast to Stratford’s most famous son!

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The idea for a Quince gin first came about in October 2016 at a charity event in The Bell at Alderminster whist we were chatting to the owner and CEO of Ascot Estate Emma Holman-West. We spied some curious looking fruit in the kitchen and Emma explained that the estate had a single Quince tree and we were welcome to as much fruit as we could carry, as she had little use for it. The Quince was a favourite of the Tudor period, like apple but with a more intense and deliciously perfumed aroma and flavour.

A few months later and the result is a single 170-bottle batch of Alscot Quince Gin produced using Stratford Gin combined with the Quinces, having first roasted them to bring out the sweetness in flavour and rich colour. The result is a mellow, rich full-bodied dry gin with the distinctive Stratford Gin herbal notes, ideal for sipping neat over ice or served as a gin and tonic. It’s available from our own online shop and a select number of local partners.

Alscot House

Alscot House by Alana Crawley

We were also delighted to work with local-artist and illustrator Alana Crawley on the label design for the new gin. Alana produced illustrations of both a Quince fruit and Alscot House for the front and back of the bottle and we think they look fantastic! You can find more of her work and greetings cards on her Facebook page.

“They call for dates and quinces in the pastry.” – Romeo and Juliet, Act 4



As a single batch production, unfortunately Alscot Quince Gin is now sold out!