equipment holding alcohol

Are you a rum drinker?

Read on and you soon will be…

With award-winning gin under our belt, we are now set to embark on another of our passions: rum!

Small batches, big flavour, we’re creating a bold, memorable and charismatic spirit made entirely in the UK!

The UK has a long tradition in importing rum, but not much of a history in making it. The fact is we’ll be one of only a handful of distilleries in the whole of the UK to do this!

Granted our rum licence by HMRC, our journey to produce a new premium British made rum is now well under way. We have an impressive new fermenter and 5 tonnes of molasses from a UK sugar refinery. This means plenty of beautiful rum for you to enjoy!

What’s better: volume or taste?

Unlike many large-scale rum producers who use sugar (from which it is much easier to create a large amount of tasteless alcohol), we have opted to go down the more difficult route by using molasses. Often used as a supplement to feed livestock, molasses are a by-product of sugar production and produce a much greater flavour profile. As a small craft distillery where sustainability is important, this fits with our ethos perfectly! Where we cannot compete with the big spirit producers in volume, we pride ourselves on the highest quality and exquisite flavour of our spirits.

Further exciting news on the rum front is our latest addition to the team! Canadian born Kristine has joined Shakespeare Distillery to help us develop our rum. Kristine has a ‘Brewing and Brewery Operations’ diploma and a wealth of knowledge from her time distilling scotch whisky in Scotland and gin in Wales.

Click here to find out more about Kristine – she even has her own YouTube channel, documenting production and daily life as a distiller! We are delighted to have her onboard with us and can’t wait to see what she brings to the table.

What happens now?

We’ve been experimenting throughout this year with fermentation on a small scale and our first larger fermentation is now underway with a test batch of 1000 litres (starting small!), before proceeding to the full production of 2000 litres over the next few weeks.

So when will our rum be ready, you may well be asking?

The fantastic news is our first batch should be on the market by Easter! Get ready to taste a delicious white rum smooth enough to enjoy neat which offers a fantastic flavour profile! Next up will be a gorgeous spiced rum and a series of exclusive barrel-aged rums.

Are your taste buds tingling yet? Look out for further updates on this exciting journey!