Shakespeare 400th Anniversary

Shakespeare Flag
On the 23rd April 2016, Stratford upon Avon commemorated the 400th anniversary of the death of its most famous son and resident, William Shakespeare. The town was awash with visitors and dignitaries, along with a smattering of RSC actors and celebrities, not to mention HRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. To cap it all the sun was also shining! We were delighted to have been app...
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Shakespeare and Gin

Juniper based spirits have been used for medicinal purposes since the early middle ages. Recipes similar to that of Gin can be traced back to the late 1400s. The Dutch were the first to drink juniper-based spirits recreationally in any great volume, producing a drink called Genever, the pre-cursor to gin. We can thank the first Earl of Leicester Robert Dudley (and a Warwickshire resident, based...
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Brits drink 29 million litres of gin

Stratford Gin & Tonic
Whilst the ‘gin revival’ has been in full swing for a number of years, younger consumers are now really turning to gin as a drink of choice. New research from Mintel, the world's leading market intelligence agency shows that although over 50% of white spirit drinkers think that gin is an older person's drink, it is actually the younger consumers who are most likely to drink it. Over two in five...
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