Gin Refill

Gin Refill Scheme… save money, save the environment!

Gin Refill

Refill your used bottles at the distillery shop, save money and the environment!

At Shakespeare Distillery, the environment is important to us – as such, we recycle and reuse as much as we can. Join us on our waste-reducing mission.

I think you will agree our gin tastes amazing, and our bottles look lovely too?! Don’t throw the glassware away: bring your bottle back to our distillery, and we will refill it for you at a discounted rate. Not only that, but each refill earns you a stamp on your loyalty card, and after 5 refills, you get your 6th absolutely free – save money, save the environment!


The small print…

  • Buy any 50cl bottle at Shakespeare Distillery, and receive a loyalty card
  • Bring the same bottle back to be refilled at the distillery
  • Refill your bottle 5 times (obtaining a stamp each time) to get your 6th refill free
  • Rinse and repeat!


Refills are served at a discounted rate of £30 for a 50cl bottle.

Further terms and conditions can be found here.