Mulberry Gin

We are super excited to announce the second product from Shakespeare Distillery, Mulberry Gin.

Mulberry Gin is made by combining Mulberries with Stratford Gin and leaving them to steep for several months before decanting and bottling. The result is a deep rich fruity Gin ideal for sipping or using in cocktails.

Mulberries are one of those fruits that you will never see in the supermarket as they are just too fragile. They drop from the trees and go to mush very easily, in fact they make the raspberry look like a real tough cookie. They impart a lovely flavour (think blackcurrant and blackberry) and its time they were brought back into people’s lives.

  • Watch this video of us adding the mulberries to Stratford Gin, its pretty cool how quickly the colour changes! Mulberry Gin Video
  • Shakespeare is famously linked to Mulberries, to learn more click here

Mulberry Gin is available in 50cl full sized and 5cl miniature bottles, from our usual stockists.