Alscot Estate

The distillery is fortunate enough to be located on the Alscot Estate, which is a beautiful 4000 acre country estate on the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon with a history extending back to the middle ages. To get to the distillery you pass through rolling open fields, old farm buildings and an enchanting wood, you also need to navigate past a bouquet of pheasants and the occasional deer!

The distillery building itself was constructed during the second world war, whilst not necessarily being as beautiful as its surroundings it does have its own charm and serves as the perfect base for starting up a new distillery (now that its had a few additions, such as running water!)

All operations are performed within the distillery, we don’t outsource any of the process to another company, ensuring quality and control is maintained by us. This means we distil, bottle, label, seal and distribute all from the small distillery building and all by hand and in small batches with love, care and attention.