The Still - 'Portia'

To produce gin you need a Still. Choosing the right still is a major decision for any distillery and we are happy we have made the right choice in choosing ours. Here at Shakespeare Distillery we like to fuse the old with the new to create something special and our still ‘Portia’ is no different. Portia features as the heroine of Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and is known as a smart and discerning lady who steers the course of events to get what she desires.

Our Portia is a very modern lady, when combined with the Tudor garden botanicals we know you will agree this discerning lady helps produce something very special. Portia has a capacity of 250 litres and is heavily insulated to prevent loss of heat, reducing the power requirement. This is combined with a computer controlled cooling condenser, which lets only the necessary amount of water in to cool the vapour down. Overall this means Portia is pretty environmentally friendly as far as stills go.

Copper in Portia
Portia also uses an efficient amount of copper too. Copper can play an important part in removing undesirable sulphur compounds when making alcohol. To this end Portia has copper strategically placed in the vapour path, meaning every drop of alcohol comes into contact with it before leaving the still.

Portia is about to be joined by a new still at our new premises in early 2019.