Barrel-Aged Gin 20cl


A mid-sized bottle of our limited distillery special Barrel-Aged Gin.


Stratford Dry Gin captures the flavours of herbs and flowers from the Tudor garden, combined with the boldness of juniper and sweetness of Mediterranean citrus. But here is what happens when it is barrel-aged.

This is the first in a series of barrel aged gins we will be producing in small, and therefore very limited-edition batches. The first barrel we have used is a new made oak cask with a high char level applied inside. We placed our high-strength Stratford Gin into the barrel for a few weeks, we couldn’t wait any longer!

This was all that was required to turn our delicious award-winning gin into something extraordinary, even if we do say so ourselves. The taste is a lovely smoky flavour from the charring and vanilla from the oak which combines with our gin botanicals to create a beautiful long finish.

This is highly recommended for those who like to experiment with their gin or perhaps for the whisky fans amongst you, and is supplied in a 20cl bottle (forgive the old branding!)


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