Jester Spiced Tropical Rum


A special edition Jester Spiced Tropical Rum with a beautifully balanced warming and mildly sweet finish.

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Jester Spiced Tropical Rum

This special edition Spiced Tropical Rum combines our award winning Jester White Rum with selected warming spices and juicy pineapple and mango.

This is a real labour of love; we distil our rum for a third time with the addition of cinnamon, allspice, ginger, mace, lime, orange and mango to create a really smooth spirit. We then steep pineapple in the rum for a few weeks. The result is a beautifully balanced warming, mildly sweet and delicious rum packed with tropical flavour.


This is a great sipping rum to enjoy neat or paired with a Fever-tree mexican Lime Soda or a premium Cola.

Alternatively it makes a delicious Pornstar Martini

British made from scratch here
in Stratford upon Avon

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After successfully distilling gin for five years, we wanted to try our hand at something new. With a deep passion for experimenting and quality spirits akin, we put our heads together to decide on our next distilling journey. Determined and unafraid of a challenge, we wanted to create something different, something bold. It was from this the notion Jester was born; a British rum distilled from scratch right here in Shakespeare’s County.

We are lucky enough to share our picturesque hometown with the legacy of William Shakespeare. Our artisan distillery sits just two miles west of Henley Street, the very street on which Shakespeare was born and lived. At the head of Henley Street stands a sculpture of a jester; a tribute to Shakespeare’s work and the inspiration behind the name of our rum. Almost all of Shakespeare’s jesters were fond drinkers, and known as bold, memorable and popular characters – just like our rum!

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Quality British ingredients

Did you know the majority of rum on sale in the UK has in fact been imported? Many British rum distillers opt to import their base spirit before simply spicing it themselves. Not us. Jester is made from scratch right here at Shakespeare Distillery. However, we understand why so many choose to import their base spirit. Producing rum isn’t easy work. It requires patience, experience and a palette for perfection.

Unlike many large-scale rum producers who use sugar, we use British molasses. Molasses are a by-product of sugar production and yields a much greater flavour profile. As a small craft distillery where sustainability is important, using what many see as a 'waste' product fits with our ethos perfectly! Where we cannot compete with the big spirit producers in volume, we pride ourselves on the highest quality and exquisite flavour of our spirits.

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Molasses fermentation

Gin gets it flavour from being distilled with botanicals whereas rum’s unique flavour and alcohol comes from fermentation. By importing their base rum, a distillery will have no control over the flavour of the fermentation. Our own fermentation is a 7-day process in which the unique combination of yeast, water and sugar creates both flavour and alcohol, bubbling away slowly in ‘Titania’, our large fermenter. Named after the queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a piece of craftsmanship in her own right, Titania has a capacity of 2000 litres and she allows us to constantly monitor PH levels, temperature and the specific gravity.

Come join us for a distillery tour to see her up close, where we will explain how she works in more detail.

a photo of equipment during fermentation
distillationOur Jester White Rum is distilled twice in our still, Ophelia, concentrating the flavours and alcohol. The first distillation is called a stripping run and it creates a spirit around 40-50%, known as the low wines. The second distillation is known as a spirit run, where we capture the finest hearts from the low wines, leaving us with the premium handcrafted British spirit we know and love as Jester.
a photo of equipment during fermentation