Mulberry Gin Liqueur


A unique alternative to sloe gin, our beautiful, naturally sweet Mulberry Gin Liqueur takes its inspiration from the mulberry trees of Tudor England.

Mulberry Gin Liqueur

A rare fruit liqueur, Mulberry Gin is made by combining Mulberries with Stratford Dry Gin and leaving them to steep for several months to create a deeply rich, fruity and slightly sweet gin. We’ve kept the ABV high at 30% to ensure the strong gin flavour still cuts through the natural sweetness of the mulberries.

Mulberries are one of those fruits that you will never see in the supermarket as they are just too fragile. They drop from the trees and go to mush very easily, in fact they make the raspberry look like a real tough cookie. They impart a lovely flavour (think blackcurrant and blackberry) and its time they were brought back into people’s lives.

Gin liqueur comes supplied as bottle only, or with Shakespeare Distillery gift box, depending on the option selected.

a glass of mulberry gin

Delicious with with Lemon or Elderflower Tonic or Bitter Lemon, garnished with a slice of lemon.

Alternatively create a Gin Fizz by adding a shot of Mulberry Gin Liqueur to a glass of sparkling wine.

gin production
at Shakespeare Distillery

When producing our Gin, all operations are performed within the distillery. We don’t outsource any of the process to another company, ensuring quality and control is maintained by us.

The quality
that make
our gin

The quality ingredients that make our gin

The Botanicals

To make our gin we use authentic Tudor garden botanicals including rose, lemon balm, sage, rosemary and old English lovage fused with the more familiar juniper, coriander and lemon peel.

With Stratford Gin we employ the ‘London Dry’ method of production, nothing can be added to the Gin other than the flavours imparted during distillation. For an added challenge and to ensure we really can say that we have created a handcrafted product we do this using the single shot method, meaning all the ingredients required to make one batch of gin are added in at the same time. We don’t make a concentrate and blend this down to get the flavour we want. This means we need to put the same love, attention and passion into every batch to ensure they each have a consistent delicious flavour.

Real FruitOur fruit gins and liqueurs are made using 100% real fruit. Using Stratford Dry as the base, we blend this with the fruit juice or, as with our Mulberry Gin Liqueur, we leave the mulberries to steep in our Stratford Dry for several weeks.