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Introducing Jester Rum

April 2, 2021
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Jester White RumWe’ve been working hard during these last few months of lockdown developing some new products and we are very proud to finally introduce to you our Jester White Rum!!!

The name ‘Jester’ is inspired by the famous sculpture of a Jester which sits in Henley Street, just yards from Shakespeare’s Birthplace. Almost all of Shakespeare’s jesters were fond drinkers and known to be bold, memorable, and popular characters – the ideal traits for our new British-made spirit!

Did you know the majority of British rum distillers choose to import their base rum? Not us. Jester is made from scratch right here at Shakespeare Distillery (fermented and twice distilled) to create a superior and bolder flavoured rum.

So how does it taste? Pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves! Jester White Rum gives you soft citrus notes complemented by sweet summer fruits, combined with a buttery mouth feel and a stunning molasses finish. Its smooth nature makes for a great sipping rum. Alternatively, mix it up in your favourite rum cocktail or go classic with premium cola and a squeeze of lime.

We are so excited for you to try Jester White Rum which will be available to purchase online and in our Stratford shops from Wednesday 14th April.