Mulberry Gin & Prosecco
New Place Mulberry Gin

Mulberry Gin & Prosecco Gift Set


A  Mulberry Gin & Prosecco gift set, our favourite Gin Fizz!

Product Description

Our Mulberry Gin Liqueur is made by steeping black mulberries in our Stratford Gin for several months to create a deeply rich, fruity and slightly sweet gin. Ideal served neat over ice, with lemon tonic or with Prosecco in a Gin Fizz.

Set contains a miniature bottle of Mulberry Gin Liqueur (5cl) and Casa Defra Prosecco (20cl, ABV10.5%) presented in a Shakespeare Distillery gift box.

Please note that this gin is currently the special edition New Place Mulberry Gin miniature.


Additional Information

Alcohol by Volume





Casa Defra Vino Frizzante, 200ml ABV 10.5%