‘At Home’ Cocktail Making Kit


Our cocktail making sets make fantastic presents for all those budding mixologists.

Description‘At Home’ Cocktail Making Kit

Become the Bartender in your own home and have a cocktail night in with us. Our mixologist, Sam will guide you through making two delicious cocktails in a unique online video. Play along and practise your flair moves (step aside Mr Cruise!).

Each kit comes in a gift box and contains the spirits, mixers and syrups you need to make 2 cocktails for 2 people (4 servings in total). Even better, choose from three different kit options!

If you love your classic cocktails and London dry gin, then our Stratford Dry Cocktail Kit is the one for you.

If you prefer to mix it up with a twist on some industry favourites, then go for our Rhubarb Gin Cocktail Kit.

If you are a rum cocktail fan then you’ll love our Jester Rum Cocktail Kit which use both our Jester White Rum and Jester Spiced Rum. 

Recipe cards are provided, along with a link to the online video to play as you shake! We supply all the liquid ingredients and you just need to get in the fresh ingredients – details of which are included in each kit.

Regarding equipment, you’ll need a cocktail shaker, a hawthorne strainer and a fine strainer as a minimum. Don’t worry if you haven’t already got these at home – upgrade your kit and add to your order our basic 3-piece cocktail making set.


The Stratford Dry Cocktail Kit contains:

20cl Stratford Gin

5cl Mulberry Gin

5cl Sugar Syrup

200ml Fever-Tree Soda Water

Cocktail recipe cards


The Rhubarb Cocktail Kit contains:

3 x 5cl Rhubarb Gin

5cl Aperol

2 x 5cl Rhubarb Syrup

200ml Fever-Tree Soda Water

Cocktail recipe cards


The Jester Rum Cocktail Kit contains:

2 x 5cl Jester White Rum

2 x 5cl Jester Spiced Rum

5cl Cointreau

5cl Blood Orange & Ginger Syrup

5cl Sugar Syrup

200ml Fever-Tree Soda Water

Cocktail recipe cards


The optional Cocktail Making Equipment Sets contain:

Two-part Boston Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Fine Strainer