Citrus Vodka


Our first special edition Vodka, wonderfully fresh and smooth. Perfect for summer!

Citrus Vodka

Here at Shakespeare Distillery we love experimenting with different flavours to create delicious new spirits, which we regularly release as special editions in limited quantities.

Our Citrus Vodka is a fabulous blend of fresh oranges and lemons, all hand peeled by our distillery assistants, Jack and Luke. It is distilled really slowly to create a refreshing, super smooth burst of sunshine. No added sugar, colourings or nonsense!

Citrus Vodka and Ginger

Enjoy a double measure of Vodka topped with a premium ginger ale and squeeze of lime.

Alternatively create a classic Cosmopolitan Cocktail using 35ml Citrus Vodka, 15ml Cointreau, 12.5ml lime Juice and 25ml Cranberry Juice.